What is Embryos Donation?

Embryo donation is a procedure by which embryos created by donor sperm and donor egg are transferred into the uterus of a woman who cannot produce her own eggs and the husband also cannot produce normal healthy sperms.

These embryos can be cryopreserved, frozen, and put into storage for future use.

Embryos are donated by couples who have themselves been through IVF treatment and wish their remaining frozen embryos to be used to help another couple. For some people, IVF treatment using donor embryos may give them a better chance of having a family than using donor sperm or eggs.  

Who Needs an Embryo Donation in India?
  • Untreatable infertility involving both partners
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss with embryonic cause
  • Genetic disorders affecting both partners
  • You are single and have gone through menopause.
Procedure Confidentiality

Embryo donation is absolutely anonymous, except for some cases where a friend or relative of the recipient has made an embryo donation. Normally no records are kept about the origin of the embryos. In this case, the donor couple and recipients never see or contact each other, all things are kept confidential.

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