What is IUI Treatment?

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) treatment is a simple procedure that involves collecting sperms from the male partner, processing the semen sample after liquefication to select the best sperms, and placing the sperms inside the uterus of the female partner.

IUI is a simple form of fertility treatment that helps a higher number of better quality sperm reach the womb, which will increase the chances of fertilization.

When is IUI used?

IUI is recommended for couples trying to conceive for at least one year with no success. IUI is recommended in the following cases

Step by Step IUI procedure:

Pre-Testing for IUI – Before going for an IUI Treatment, A fertility doctor will usually conduct some important pre-testing before recommending IUI to a couple. Ultrasound & Blood Monitoring: ultrasounds recommended every other day during mid-cycle. This helps the doctors track the number of eggs and their development.

Is IUI treatment painful?

IUI is not a painful procedure. As when the IUI doctor inserts the thin tube through your cervix into your uterus then there are chances that you might feel some discomfort or mild cramping but only for some time.

Which infertility treatment is better – IUI or IVF?

IUI and IVF is just a different type of treatment procedure used for achieving pregnancy so that you can conceive. It totally depends on the health condition of a patient which treatment suits him/her better. And as compared to IUI, IVF is a very successful infertility treatment but as compared to cost IUI is very affordable.

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