What is Blastocyst Transfer?

A blastocyst transfer is an embryo transfer in an infertility treatment procedure that involves transferring one or more embryos that are at a very advanced stage of development, the so-called blastocyst stage. This is usually done on the fifth day after follicular aspiration.

Are you a good candidate for Blastocyst?

Blastocyst transfer may be for you if:

  • There are multiple embryos on day 3 to be monitored for quality
  • Good quality embryos survive till Day 5.
  • If you have had a failure in previous IVF Cycles
  • In Single embryo transfer to avoid multiple pregnancies
Benefits of Blastocyst Transfer
  • Natural selection of the embryo as only best-growing embryos has the potential to reach till blastocyst stage.
  • Reduces risk of multiple pregnancies.
  • The chances of successful implantation are greatly increased by this transfer.

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